A Captain’s Vision for Creating A Safer Boating Community 

Situational awareness is not just critical; it's lifesaving. 
David Rose
October 15, 2023

The Use of AI in Nautical Safety - SuperSight for Safe Navigation

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 613 boating fatalities occurred in 2019, with many more injured. Numbers like these highlight the need for new technologies and approaches to maritime safety. The LOOKOUT camera system is a mission-driven response to the critical issue of safety on the water for all boaters.

High-mounted, panoramic, and AI-driven–the LOOKOUT transcends the traditional camera category. LOOKOUT transcends the traditional camera category. It’s not just an observing eye; it's a computational brain and co-pilot. An over-the-air update architecture means that the LOOKOUT is constantly learning and improving–able to see more precisely in more marine conditions. Collective experience from a connected community  ensures the system evolves from "smart" to "intelligent." It sees everything and misses nothing. The LOOKOUT camera system is a second set of highly trained eyes powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Lookout Birdseye and Lookout Panorama

Thermal Vision: Augmenting Human Perception

LOOKOUT’s thermal vision pierces fog and complete darkness, offering a remarkably clear path.

Fog. Darkness. Hazards lying unseen. The LOOKOUT’s AI-powered thermal camera turns the invisible visible and actionable. "Computer vision could be the most significant advance in maritime safety since the invention of radar," observes Dr. Rajiv Surati, an MIT academic and expert in computer vision, “The LOOKOUT is a computational powerhouse. It picks up hazards where human eyes falter.” 

46% of boating accidents occur due to poor visibility. LOOKOUT’s thermal vision camera extends a captain's human perceptual abilities beyond the visual spectrum into shorter wavelengths to see through fog and darkness and avoid incidents.

The Investment that returns peace of mind and confidence

Priced less than other single-use marine thermal cameras, the LOOKOUT includes computer vision capabilities and a unique augmented reality view. Consider it an invaluable investment to avoid damaging your boat, missing a season on the water, safeguarding your friends and family from harm, and the catastrophic consequences of a collision at speed. 

Peer-Powered Safety: The LOOKOUT Open Data Platform

Over-the-Air Updates: The circle of continuous improvement, making LOOKOUT smarter by learning in real-time from what other boat captains see.

What sets LOOKOUT apart is the fact that the system is connected and always learning. With over-the-air updates, it evolves through collective intelligence. According to a 2019 NOAA report, maritime safety technology has been “slow to change.” LOOKOUT disrupts this norm and sets a new common standard by leveraging the Internet of Things for shared community data like wildlife reports and a debris database. Importantly, it makes it much easier for captains to enter new marinas confidently. 

Our mission goes beyond individual boats; it encompasses and connects the broader maritime community. The LOOKOUT Open Data Platform allows boaters to share real-time data about navigational hazards, sea conditions, and wildlife, enhancing collective safety. In this respect, we're not just a product but a movement. There is a strong heritage and tradition in assisting other captains at sea. The LOOKOUT platform only amplifies these values. Our manifesto is to create a safer maritime community through shared data. 

From Luxury Feature to Standard Requirement: Lessons from Car Safety

Consider Seat belts, Airbags, and Anti-lock brakes. Once luxuries, now life-saving necessities. LOOKOUT promises a parallel trajectory. Your next boat may even have LOOKOUT as a required safety feature, just as every car requires airbags.

A Call to Action

LOOKOUT isn't an addition to the boating world; it’s a recalibration of what we consider essential for maritime safety. Debuting at the Newport Boat Show, it’s more than a product launch–it's a public safety announcement. Leading boat manufacturers are adopting LOOKOUT to make this technology an emerging industry standard, as ubiquitous as car backup cameras.

By integrating advanced technology, promoting adaptability, and fostering community sharing, the platform sets a gold standard in maritime safety, fulfilling a mission to be an enabler–more than a single product.

The future isn't just near; it's here, on your boat, as LOOKOUT.

For an in-depth understanding and live demo, visit GetaLOOKOUT.com.

By David Rose

David is called “the architect of augmented navigation.” He has designed next-generation connected products for Toyota, Samsung, and Google. He lectures at MIT on spatial computing and wrote the books Enchanted Objects, and SuperSight. 

Marine AI Camera for Collision Avoidance - LOOKOUT

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