SuperSight for boats

The AI Camera to Navigate Safely

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The essential AI vision system to spot hazards

See what radar & AIS often don’t see.


The ultimate view for situational awareness

The LOOKOUT synthesizes data from charts, AIS, computer vision, and the cloud, then fuses it into one intuitive, 3D augmented reality view

Annotated waterways

See safe paths along with water signage such as channel markers, buoys, etc.

Use your existing helm display

Mount the LOOKOUT camera high on your boat and connect it to your existing boat display.

Install the camera system

Mount the camera system to the top of any boat

Connect to MFD (or phone)

Plug into your MFD or stream to a laptop, phone or tablet via the Lookout App

Start cruising

Discover the world of AR


Low visibility? No problem.

See through the darkness with infrared vision. A dedicated night vision sensor gives you the view you need to navigate confidently.

Panoramic view

Panoramic computer vision

Like a first mate, watching everything ahead and behind, the LOOKOUT uses advanced computer vision algorithms to spot small vessels, floating debris, buoys, or people in the water for the safest boating experience.


Finally, a backup camera
for your boat

The Lookout camera renders the perspective you need navigating in close quarters: a wide field of view; lay lines projected behind you, and a virtual ruler to gauge the distance to docks.

Every boat wants to see.

You’ve become accustomed to the backup camera and blind spot detection in your car. The LOOKOUT brings these advanced sensing and safety features to your more significant and beloved investment.

LOOKOUT Boater Stories

Cloud Connected

Connected Local Knowledge

The cloud delivers valuable local knowledge for every type of boater: recommended restaurants, nearby moorings, and open slips via DockWa. When other boats spot hazards or wildlife, you see it too. For anglers, there are temperature breaks, bird cluster locations, and underwater structure. Charts update automatically, and the AI vision system continues to improve with more training data.


AR for everyone aboard

The Lookout Camera connects to any helm display, and streams over WiFi to phones and tablets anywhere on the boat.

Recommended by whales, turtles,
and manatees too

Our augmented reality charts guide boats away from wildlife breeding and feeding grounds, and marine protected areas. As these areas change with the seasons and boaters report sightings, charts and recommended speeds are updated.


The AI Camera to Navigate Safely

sensor system
Long Range
Infrared Nightvision
Integrates with satellite compass and AIS
NVIDIA RTX GPU for real-time computer vision
NMEA 2000
OTA Updates Included
Special pricing for Pilot customers



Marine-grade water-proof enclosure


Camera array with computer vision and dedicated GPU


Integrates with AIS receiver


Integrates with satellite compass


NMEA 2000 connection to integrate other boat data


Multi-core CPU to drive augmented reality compute stack


Plugs into any MFD as standard video camera: coax, RCA, HDMI


WiFi streaming to Apple/Android phones and tablets


ClearCloud service provides real-time data, software updates, and deep learning model improvements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the computer vision used in the LOOKOUT Camera?

The LOOKOUT Camera uses advanced computer vision technology to detect and identify objects on the water. Our computer vision system is trained using machine learning algorithms and a vast dataset of images and video, to recognize and distinguish between different types of boats, buoys, debris and other waterway features.

How far away can the LOOKOUT camera spot debris, buoys, and boats?

The LOOKOUT camera’s detection range depends on the height of the camera, the size and contrast of the object, and the sea state. Small lobster buoys or people in the water may be detected only 50 meters away. Vessels are detected much further out. The important consideration is closing speed and time. We strive to give the captain ample time to react and change course to avoid a collision.

Why do boaters need the LOOKOUT Camera?

The LOOKOUT Camera addresses the top 5 contributing factors of accidents: operator inattention, inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed, and navigation rules violations.

What key features and benefits does the LOOKOUT Camera offer compared to traditional marine electronics?

The LOOKOUT Camera offers SuperSight for enhanced situational awareness in challenging conditions like shallows, congested harbors, and limited visibility. It uses advanced computer vision to perceive hazards, create a 3D augmented reality scene, tailor camera perspective, and share data between boats, setting it apart from traditional marine electronics.

Is the LOOKOUT Camera compatible with marine electronics from Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine, and Simrad?

Yes, the LOOKOUT Camera is compatible with all major MFDs from Garmin, Furuno, Raymarine, and Simrad, as well as phones and tablets.

What augmented reality information does the LOOKOUT Camera display?

The LOOKOUT Camera displays safe passage tracks, navigational buoys, hazard buoys, underwater topography, POIs, pins, other boats, wildlife, floating obstacles, and wind "telltales."

How does the LOOKOUT Camera support environmental sustainability and future developments in marine navigation?

The LOOKOUT Camera educates boaters on marine protected areas and breeding areas to decrease wildlife strikes for whales and Manatees.

For the next generation of electric and foiling boats, the AI vision system is critical to steer around debris or other semi-submerged hazards that are hard to spot.

As offshore wind and other sustainable energy solutions are installed it helps boaters navigate around construction sites and critical infrastructure, and understand the performance of these systems in context.

Finally, 3D situational awareness visualizations ease handoffs between self-driving systems and human control — this level 3 “collaborative” autonomy is already here for leading car brands and coming quickly to boarding

Why is the LOOKOUT Camera priced higher than some other marine electronics?

The LOOKOUT Camera employs redundant neural cameras, an edge computing stack, and a quad-core gaming computer for optimal performance. Its ruggedized, marine-grade waterproof enclosure is designed for harsh ocean environments, ensuring durability and longevity.

How does the installation process for the LOOKOUT Camera compare to other marine electronics?

The installation time for the LOOKOUT Camera varies based on the vessel but is generally similar to a thermal camera installation. Contact us for a network of installers and recommendations.